Monday, July 20, 2009

You can get your mom to blog!

I am going to start this blog, despite the fact that I said I would never blog, because I thought I might want to express my feelings about the Big Brain Squeeze surgery coming on Aug. 14. I am looking forward to it (surgery) even though there is the promise of a funky new hairdo that I am pretty sure I am going to hate, but my thanks to Sara and Maya, who helped me pick out a rather cute headscarf to cover the sutures, the scar to follow, and the sure-to-happen bad hair days. I'm not sure how much I will have to say, but I thought it would be easier to say in this 1 place rather than several places.

But I am not going to just write about the surgery - whew! - I heard that collective sigh of relief! As you may be able to tell by the name "Nana's House", there will be countless entries about our 3 adorable grands, occassional tidbits about their "rents", and sporadic tales about Lauren, me and our dog, Lucy. For now, let's see where this thing goes in the days ahead. One thing I know, God is always with me, as He is with you, too.


Erin said...

Mom, I'm impressed. This looks snazzy and will be a great place to reflect on your surgery and other aspects of life. Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I'm so sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery. I just forwarded your email to my church to have you added to our prayer list (and of course I added you to mine). The prayer warriors meet every Tuesday at 9:00 AM, and the Bible study follows at 10:00. Prayers are offered at both those sessions. I love your blog. I agree with Erin. It's pretty snazzy! I love you! God is the great physician, and He will enable your medical team to take good care of you. I hope someone will keep us updated about the results of your surgery. I'm glad your family is close so they can be supportive during this time. {{{{Huggles}}}}