Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fifty-five alive: 55 Things I love (with no rhyme or reason); Updated to 59!

Fifty-five Alive: 55 Things I love (with no rhyme or reason) Updated to 59 as of Feb. 1, 2013

59. All of our children and grandchildren now living nearby ~ thank you, Jesus!
58. Our grandson Ben, number 4 grand!
57. Snowfalls that don't stick around too long but are so pretty when they happen
56. Our new home, a cottage in a lovely new neighborhood
55. The sound of our grandchildren's voices, their sweet smiles, and their hugs and kisses
54. The smell of autumn leaves
53. Freshly-baked Pumpkin Bread
52. Sunday dinner after church
51. Apple Cider
50. the first pot of chili for the chilly weather
49. fall-scents candles warming the rooms
48. the first snowfall
47. Visiting a pumpkin farm
46. Getting the ok by the doctor to lift Maya!
45. Crisp fall days
44. Hallmark movies that make me cry
43. Sunday afternoon naps (somehow different from just regular naps)
42. Crickets chirping - a sign of fall weather on the way!
41. The Mitford series by Jan Karon
40. zucchini bread
39. Lucy just howled in her sleep!
38. watermelon on a hot day
37. The first day of school
36. Tylenol
35. Skyping with Mom and Karilyn - thanks, girls!
34. going for a morning walk
33. the Black-eyed Susans blooming by our garage
32. celebrating the removal of sutures with a brownie and a glass of raspberry lemonade!
31. sweet corn
30. cello/piano music
29. PBS "As Time Goes By"
28. airplanes that bring loved ones close
27. the comfort of my own bed
26. the smell of food wafting upstairs that Erin and Sara are making for the freezer; yum!
25. pillows
24. Home Sweet Home
23. webcam - I tell all the grandparents I know about it!
22. snowmen (it's in the 90s here today)
21. Lavender, any time, any place
20. The sunflowers dancing in our garden
19. "ZuZu's petals! Zuzu's petals!" (Jimmy Stewart, "It's a Wonderful Life")
18. the smell of rain
17. naps
16. Rocky Road ice cream
15. reading, hearing and praying the Word of God
14. getting mail
13. Focus on the Family (without it, my kids would've probably joined a circus)
12. fresh, cool breezes that waft through our windows, blowing the lace curtains
11. picture frames (they hold the ones I love when I cannot hold them in my arms)
10. garden tomatoes and mayo on whole wheat toast
9. CampNanaPapa (the grandkids' room at our house)
8. baby handprints on our mirrors and windows
7. slumbering in the hammock with a soft breeze
6. wicker furniture on our porch and patio to relax in
5. freshly washed bedding on a summer night
4. brownies, for their scent and taste!
3. a good night sleep (let me here the Amens!)
2. peonies, for their scent and beauty
1. the wall paint in our bedroom

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