Saturday, July 10, 2010

Simple Joys Saturday ~ Rest & Good Friends

After 2 months of visits from family members and traveling to take my mom back to the midwest, I had this week to get caught up on a few things here at home and to also have a much-needed rest. While it was nice to curl up with a book or to poke around in the flower gardens, the best rest was to sit outside in the mornings and spend time with the Lord and His word. It truly is a simple joy to ask Him to show me more of Himself through His word and prayer, and He is ever faithful to answer me, to show me something of Him in a new and fresh way.

Another simple joy this week that truly blessed me was to go with my husband to a 50th birthday celebration of a friend, and to see other good friends there and get caught up on what they have been doing this summer. A few of us sat and chatted on the enclosed back porch, and I think I could've visited with them for several hours, as we have the Lord in common and we were blessed having this time together.

This morning, my husband and I painted our side garage door a new color; he painted one side and I did the other. I love to help him do things around our home, as most of the big stuff falls on him to do.  So when I can, it gives me simple joy to be able to help him.

I have noticed as we all share in this Simple Joys Saturday meme that we tend to have our most joyous times with the Lord and with the people in our lives we love. It is no wonder, since our Lord Jesus tells us to:

"Love the Lord with all your heart
and with all your soul and with all your mind.
This is the first and greatest commandment.
And the second is like it:
Love your neighbor as yourself."
Matthew 22:37-39

It truly is a simple joy to follow these commandments He has given us. It is also a simple joy to connect with our friends in blogs and read what you all enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Karen said...

Your post gave me a simple joy! What a grateful heart...I love what you shared, Laurie....

Karen said...

Friends, family and fellowship in Jesus bring joy to life! Thanks for sharing.

LDH said...

Sharing your joy, Laurie, as you spend time with your Savior, your family, your friends and helping your husband. I always love your perspective and your cheerful heart!

Jan said...

It is a real joy to read your post, Laurie..... yes sitting around with family or friends is high up there on the simple joys scale.... beats an expensive outing any day.
Great you get such joy sharing with hubby on the maintenance around your home too.
With love and blessings

Maxine said...

Simple joys, indeed. Love reading about how God is blessing others in such simple ways. Actually, the simple pleasures are the best ones.

Having another giveaway at my blog when you get a chance, Laurie.