Monday, February 28, 2011

March First???

Since spring eludes us for now,
I'll share a few photos of the JEMs.

Jack and Eli spent the weekend with us, and we had lots of great boy time!

Jack loves to draw, so grandpa got him a doodle notepad...

One evening, we repeated an old tradition we used
to do with their mom and aunt, watching a movie
picnic-style, with popcorn, fruit, and veggies...

Today, Maya started a game of Hide and Seek,
and I had to giggle at her choice of hiding places,
so I grabbed the camera...

 Dear March ~ Come In
by Emily Dickinson

Dear March -- Come in --
How glad I am --
I hoped for you before --

Put down your Hat --
You must have walked --
How out of Breath you are --
Dear March, Come right up the stairs with me --
I have so much to tell --

I got your Letter, and the Birds --
The Maples never knew that you were coming -- till I called
I declare -- how Red their Faces grew --
But March, forgive me -- and
All those Hills you left for me to Hue --
There was no Purple suitable --
You took it all with you --

Who knocks? That April.
Lock the Door --
I will not be pursued --
He stayed away a Year to call
When I am occupied --
But trifles look so trivial
As soon as you have come

That Blame is just as dear as Praise
And Praise as mere as Blame --


Kit said...

Your post made me smile! How is the weather over there? It is softly snowing over here and it is very pretty. I am wondering where our early Spring is, but until it arrives I will enjoy what the good Lord sends us. :) Kit

LDH said...

Where is Maya? I can't find here! :)

I just love Pooh!

Glacier Dreaming said...

I have been searching for MOntana bloggers to follow and found you tonight from Kit's website. Thanks for the lovely post about the JEMS. I lived in Chester for the first 5 years of my marriage.

Maxine said...

Sweet post, Laurie. I like that picnic idea. I think I may steal that from you!

I for one am so glad to see March come in. This has been SOME winter.

Karen said...

Fun with your sweeties...whatever the season...let's a little sunshine inside...

I did the picnic thingy with my kids, too...and the grands....

tiffany said...

jeneva asked to see a picture of jack and i knew that erin doesn't post on her blog or facebook, so decided to come here. success! thanks for the current pics of jack. jeneva was wondering if he looks different. we'll be checking back periodically to see. :) --tiffany