Sunday, January 15, 2012

Make an Entrance

Since we've moved, one of the things I have missed
about our Dear Old House is the entry.

This is a picture of the entry, where Lauren
had planned on building a bench that the 3 large baskets would go under...

and this is what the bench would look similar to...

Norfolk Bench, French White

Our new cottage doesn't have an entry; instead,
as you come into the front door, there is a small area that
is supposed to be an entry of sorts, but really,
it is the living room.

Ahem, I don't have a picture of it; it's just too boring.

Lauren is now planning on building that bench for this
new entry, and so we will have a nice perch to sit on
when pulling on boots. We also have an old mirror with hooks that we got from
Target years ago that we may hang above it.

(my photo)

I have been searching on Pinterest for a few entry ideas,
and I thought I'd share a few of my favorites.

This has been a popular one;
apparently, many of us have small entries...
Pinned Image

This one is pretty and useful,
and I like the shelf with the pegs on it for
coats and baskets for mittens, mail or whatever is needed.

Pinned Image

This would make a great back door entry...
Pinned Image

and this is just plain adorable.!

Pinned Image

Who wouldn't enjoy a sweet spot like this?
                                Pinned Image                         

I love the clean look of this entry...

Pinned Image

as the door reminds me of our old porch door...

(photo mine)

and so does this one from Pinterest!

Pinned Image

This is a great back door entry...

Pinned Image

and here are a few gorgeous front entries...

Great for storage

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

But hands down, this is my all-time favorite...
Pinned Image

I love, love, love the French doors!


Kit said...

Oh how I love entryways, but alas my house also just dumps into the living room or into the kitchen. I will have to admire your lovely photos and see what you come up with! Kit

Debbie said...

Don't you just love Pinterest? I get the best ideas from there. And the entryways are wonderful. I love French doors too.