Saturday, December 29, 2012

Our Four Little Blessings

2012 ~ Our Grandchildren
Each of our grandchildren brings their own special light into our world,
and these are just a few of the moments captured that shows
the sparkle and the joy we have received from them this year.
Benjamin Samuel
Ben turned 1 on December 20th, and his combination of
quiet contemplation and joyous outbursts delights us all.
He whispers his name for Lauren as "Papa"
and he melts in my arms when I hold him.
Maya Christine
Maya turned 4 in April, and her nurturing nature along with
her exuberance for creating with paper, scissors and glitter
bring joy to our hearts.
She loves sled rides with Lauren
and she loves to have me tell her stories at nap time.
Eli Lawrence
Eli turned 4 in March, and his devotion to his family
and his love of all things related to super heroes, spies and legos
bring smiles to our faces each time we are with him.
He likes to be Grandpa's helper
and brings out the child in me when we play hide and seek together.
Jack Christian
Jack turned 9 in November, and his thoughtful and outgoing
nature and his penchant for sports & reading
are wonderful to see in our oldest grandchild.
He likes to do projects with Lauren
and he warms my heart as he reads his books to me.
It has been a year of blessings and great joy with our
delightful grandchildren,
and we thank the Lord for filling our lives with them.
We also thank Him for our 2 daughters and sons-in-law,
Erin & John, and Sara & Mark,
who gave us these 4 sweet grandchildren
and are wonderful parents to them.
On another note,
Lauren and I celebrated our 37th anniversary yesterday!
This is what I posted on Facebook yesterday:
"Thirty-seven years ago, fresh out of college, I married my best friend on a snowy day in Iowa. Shortly after, on our way to Torrington, WY for my new teaching job, we got into a blizzard and had to spend New Year's Eve and Day in Potter, NE in a tiny motel room with our young Irish Setter, Copper. The nearby cafe owner opened up for those of us stranded at the motel, and we had our first buffalo burgers. We arrived in Torrington safe and sound after having to take a detour through Cheyenne. We were young and ready for an adventure! Happy Anniversary, Lauren!"
And we continue on the adventures God has given us, with 33 years in Montana now, 
and 2 daughters, their spouses, and 4 grandchildren filling our lives
 with more joy than we could ever imagine.


Kit said...

You are very blessed for sure! Love the photos. Happy Anniversary too! Kit

BradMad Fox said...

Happy belated Anniversay Laurie! :)

Sandy said...

You are so blessed! I love this post with the pics of your beautiful grandkids. Happy New Year!

Sandy said...

Beautiful grandchildren! You are blessed. Happy New Year!

Lorraine said...

A sweet post ~ such beautiful and precious grandchildren. Oh, those sweet, sweet faces in your collage! We have a daughter named Erin too. She is our oldest. And, we have been married 37 years as well :)

Sending prayers and wishes for a very happy new year!

NanaNor's said...

Happy New Year! I loved reading the descriptions if your grands. We are expecting #11 in June and very excited. You and your hubby are blessed indeed! Thanks for stopping by, it is nice to catch up. XxxoooNoreen