Friday, May 17, 2013

The Promise of the Lilacs

The lilacs at our Dear Old House were blooming last Sunday when we stopped by,
and I just had to snip a few to bring home.

Though we do still own the house,
it looks like new owners will have it soon, if all works out.
I knew they would not move in time to have the lilacs, and so,
 a few just had to come home for us and also a few for our daughters,
since it was Mother's Day.

The Pillow on the porch chair says,
Home Sweet Home.
What a perfect day to bring home to our new house
 a little remembrance from our old house.

The Dear Old House will soon be filled with the activities of a new, young family,
and I thank the Lord for bringing them to this wonderful home.
The rooms will come to life with the warmth of furniture and toys,
and the voices of those who now call this place home.
The yard will come to life with summer fun, perhaps a child that will grow
to love climbing the crabapple tree in the center of the backyard,
or swing on a swing set and dig in the garden dirt.
And next spring, they will smell the delightful smell of the lilacs
that were growing there long before us.
Spring is like that, full of promise of the things to come.
Just as the lilacs were a promise to us that spring was here
and the flowers, vegetables, and lawn were coming to life,
our God promises us life.
Life in abundance.

I am come that they might have life,
and that they might have it more abundantly.
                                                                                                                     John 10:10b KJV


Maxine said...

Thank you for this beautiful post, Laurie. I left you a comment at Facebook. I do hope this family will be happy in your old home and expect they will be. I firmly believe there is always something of the previous family that is left behind in a house.

These pictures are too gorgeous for words. I love them and as I said at FB, they bring thoughts of my mother.
Thanks for blessing us with this.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Lilacs are so amazing and have such an amazing fragrance. Your photos are gorgeous! Sweet post.

Sharon Drake said...

I love your Blog.

Debbie Petras said...

You have the BEST attitude! I hope the new family will enjoy many years in this house. It's always nice to know a good family will enjoy it. I love your photo!!!!

Blessings and love,

Kit said...

Oh so pretty! The lilacs over here in the west are just lovely this year. :) Kit

Marissa said...


I'm so glad you found me! And impressed you did through a recipe on Pinterest :) I love hearing about other's journeys of those have been on this path and can offer advise and the peace of mind knowing we're together in this - and that the Lord can help. Thank you for finding me and writing, and for your prayers. I will follow you as well and appreciate you reaching out!

Marissa (Eating, Exploring & Enjoying)