Saturday, September 28, 2013

Who You Are

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For my daughters, my granddaughter, my sister, my nieces, my aunt...
and for all of the women who are His daughters...
I pray you will be blessed.

(I forgot to say that a friend shared this on Facebook recently,
and I cannot find the source. If anyone knows the source,
please let me know so that I may credit it.
Thank you.)


Ceil said...

HI Laurie! This is just...touching and amazing and incredible. Where did you get this? I'd love to put it on my blog too (and credit you, of course.)

Thank you so much for this. It makes me want to cry, really. You gave me a gift today.

I'm a Nana too, and that's why I came. I loved the name of your blog. But what a surprise was waiting for me.

I "won't forget it." May God bless you abundantly,

Laurie said...

It is so nice to meet you, Ceil! I am afraid I forgot to mention that I found this video on Facebook, and I have tried but can't find the source. I was so touched by it and wanted to share it here. I am going to visit your blog now!

Ceil said...

Thank you for visiting my blog today, and joining it too.

How did you upload the video to your blog from Facebook? When I tried to do it on youtube, I got all those annoying ads. Ugh. I would really like to have it on there clean, like you did.

There is a 'Contact Me' form on my blog, and you can email me instructions, if you would?

I hope you'll visit me often, and we can be good blog-friends!