Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Kindergartener's Surprise for Her Parents

Five-year-old Claire was born to two deaf parents, and American Sign Language was her first language. So while 60 of her peers used generic hand motions during their Christmas concert, Claire chose to use ASL, much to her parents’ surprise.

This brought such wonderful memories back to me, as I grew up around deaf relatives
 and I loved reading their expressions as well as their signing.
Little Claire is just delightful, especially as she acts as a typical little girl with her expressions as the program gets longer. 
I hope you enjoy this video  as she surprises her parents and delights the audience!


Lin said...

So sweet ~ her parents must have been delighted! How I miss those days! Hope all is merry & bright at your house!

Barbara said...

Too cold these days for me, Have a very merry Christmas..Jesus is definitely the reason for the season, without Christ what would Christmas be,

Ceil said...

Hi Laurie! I saw a little snippet of this video on the national news. So touching! And that this little one adapts so well, and thinks of her parents, and their enjoyment...that's the Christmas spirit in action.

Great video!

Kit said...

Oh my, this was so lovely to watch! What a sweet girl and it made me want to go and get the movies of my little girls programs and watch them again. Have a very Merry Christmas! Kit