Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Blue-Eyes Morning

We love having our four grandchildren over at the same time, and they love being together.
This morning, all 4 came over and we had a blast. There are very few moments of stillness when they get together,
and getting a photo of them all is a bit tricky.
They all piled on our bed and the giggling and wiggling commenced,
and I wondered how I was going to get them to all smile and cooperate.
Then, it hit me.
Fishy crackers,
or more formally know as Pepperidge Farm Goldfish.
And we have the rainbow colors, even more incentive.
All it took was to mention that anyone who sits still and smiles sweetly gets
Fishy crackers when we were done and I was able to capture this moment.
Eli (6), Ben (2), Jack (10) and Maya (6)
We couldn't resist doing a "make a funny face" photo, too.

Then they were off to the pantry to get their reward.
I am so aware that we have not always had them all living close to us, and it brings me such joy to have them here now.
 My cup runneth over.


Kit said...

What a lovely photo! And such great blue eyes! You are very lucky. :) Kit

Ceil said...

Hi Laurie! I have been thinking about you, so I wandered over to see what you are doing these days. What great photos of the grandchildren! Ah..the power of fishy crackers!

We just had a family reunion late last month, and all I really wanted was a picture of my two children with us and their families. It happened! Such fun. They are both living out of state, so it was a rare thing to be together. Sort of like your grands with you. My cup runneth over too :)

Hope you're having a good August...sorry about those broken pots. Sigh...