Monday, March 1, 2010

In Like a Lamb!

Can you see it?

Yep! It's true!
60 degrees on March 1st!

I'd say March came in like a lamb!
So I opened up the front door...

...and let some fresh air in!


Jessie said...

I did the same thing today! It was so nice to have the warm sun and fresh air today.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Laurie! How wonderful! It is 35 degrees here - the warmest it has been in months! :) Yay!
Thank you for coming by to visit me today. You always leave the sweetest comments, and it is a joy to get to know you!

Maxine said...

Oh did you really! Open your front door? I haven't had ours open in ages. Can't wait!! Love those temps but I hear we're going to make the fifties this weekend. Not holding my breath, though!

LDH said...

You are a bit warmer that us. It's 38 degrees right now but this weekend it is going up to 52!

I have heard nothing about little Rolaneda! I feel frustrated because I though I would have heard something by now. Perhaps there is so much devastation, finding individual people is very hard.

Thanks for asking!
Kindly, ldh