Thursday, March 10, 2011

What do you delight in?

What do you delight in?
Is it buying something new for your house? Do you delight in fresh baked cookies, warm from the oven?
When it comes to people, I greatly delight spending time with family and friends.

But when thinking about things, I delight in the sight of terra cotta pots, empty on the shelves. My eyes widen, I hold my breath, and my heart catches in my throat. I have quite a nice collection of pots on the shelves in my little corner of our garage; nothing fancy, but a variety of sizes and many aged with moss.  I do not know if I delight in just the pots themselves or the promise of beauty yet to come; that which I so hope for as spring nears and warm breezes melt the snow.

But flower pots are, after all, just worldly goods, and I know that they break easily.

The pots will not last forever.

But my relationship with Christ will, and I so delight in this knowledge.
I delight in spending time with Him, sitting at His knee in prayer
or in reading his Word. I delight singing His praises.
I delight in sharing Him with others, especially with my grandchildren.

It is when I delight in Him and spend time with Him that I have all my heart desires,
for the rest ~ family, home, love and contentedness come from this.

"Delight yourself
in the Lord,
and He will give you
the desires
 of your heart."
Psalm 37:4

The photos in this collage come from my Tumblr  blog, except for the lower left photo, which is from Apartment Therapy.


The Gilded Cherub said...

I just love clay pots as well, they say welcome spring to me. Thank you for sharing I bet your collection is lovely.

The Gilded Cherub

Glacier Dreaming said...

Oh, great shots of those simple clay pots. And a good word, too.

LisaShaw said...

I enjoyed this post dear one! My eyes light up over the sight of books on a shelf the way yours light up over the pots; so I understand.

My first delight truly is in the LORD. I am drawn to His Word constantly and to prayer even more. I'm also thankful GOD has gifted us with 'things' that we can enjoy here but even more we get the privilege of enjoying HIS Presence. WOW!!

I so love and appreciate you and your prayers on my blog. Thank you and love you!