Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Choosing Paint Colors - Aaaaugh!

 choosing paint colors

No, this is not our cat; we don't have a cat, we have a Golden Retriever.
This isn't our house, but if you were here, you would see our dog, Lucy,
napping in her corner of our living room next to the 3 different samples of blue
painted on the wall before we went out of town to the wedding last week.

I'm thinking the cat or our dog may have about the same ability to pick out
paint colors as I do.

However, because of some very savvy bloggers who share their paint colors
on their blogs, there is HOPE!

Lauren and I are in the process of rethinking our home, as in,
should we stay here or downsize to a newer and smaller home.
The plus to moving is that he wouldn't have to continue the remodelling
of our 103 year old house. It has taken several years, because we always try
to put family first, and quite frankly, I think he has had enough of remodelling.
Because of my disability, I cannot do a lot of heavy work or even painting because
of how it hurts my neck, but I can paint doors and trim, taking breaks as needed.

The negative side is that we have lived here for 28 years and our grandchildren
now play in the yard their moms played in and sleepover in the same bedroom.
But it may be time to let go.

So we are looking into the possibilities, and we will be painting no matter what we
decide to do. We started with the blue swatches, but the ones we picked are too intense for resale,
so we are now looking at beige, gray, and those that have green or blue undertones, as
suggested by realtors. Right now, our entry is a soft yellow, our living room is called
 "wooden spoon" and is a very light, boring color, and our dining room is a pretty sage green.
 I'd go with the sage green, but I am ready for a change.  I'd like something
I can use accents of blue and green with, no matter if we stay or sell.

We once had the living and dining rooms painted a color our friends called "Band Aide",
but there are so many new hues of gray and beige that I am sure we will find
some good choices. In the meantime, I will be going to the local hardware store
to get more paint chips and samples to put on the wall.

Here are a few blogs that have beautiful paint colors in their homes that are
subtle yet warm and inviting:

Here's her kitchen (no, mine doesn't resemble it at all)
The Paint color is Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, a gray with green undertones.

Then there is...

This is a beautiful color in her dining room,
 Behr All in One Studio Taupe...

This looks like a beautiful color, but may be too dark for our living room.
I like the taupe color, a soft mix of gray and beige.

And the last I will share is

I love this color, Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams ...

which I believe is the same or very close to Restoration Hardware's
Silver Sage which is the same as Benjamin Moore's Gray Wisp, which
is one of the swatches on our L.R. wall and won't work.  It does, however, look a lot like
 our bedroom walls...hmmmm,
I am back to this color I love, so We will probably freshen our bedroom walls with this.

All of these blogs have several paint colors shown, and I am sure there are
many more blogs that I do not dare to go to or I will not get anything else done today!
But it has been fun sharing all of this, as we have had a heavy spring snow...

about 6 inches so far...

and it is still snowing!


Kit said...

Wow, you got alot of snow! We just had a storm go thru but it already melted. This is one crazy Montana Spring! Good luck with the painting. Hard decision. Kit

Helen said...

Goodness, snow in April, and so much of it. Poor you. It is completely the opposite here. We are all living outside, it is so warm and sunny. Hot, actually, more like a lovely summers day. I shouldn't go on, should I? Sorry!