Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sale Pending & Packing Progress

It is now time to kick it up a notch, as we have a couple who want to buy our house!
It will be a few weeks before we close, but it is time to get serious about tossing,
recycling, donating and packing the keepers to put into storage. The tricky part is, we
 will be living with Erin and Co. for a couple of months, so we will be packing most
 everything and putting it all in storage.

So, you may be thinking,
"Why are you blogging when you should be packing?"

Good question! You see, it has been a couple of weeks since I've packed
anything, and I have to get back into "packing" mode. So yesterday I began by filling a bag
 with trash and a couple of  bags of clothes to donate.
My heart wasn't really in it, because it was a much cooler
day and I wanted to savor time on the front porch.
Good excuse?!

So, Erin and the boys came over this morning to help me get a few boxes packed,
thinking 2 heads are better than 1,
and this is one of the results of that adventure:

We started with 2 empty boxes.....

that suddenly sprouted feet!

Oh, my, there are arms and legs
and even a smile!

Eli and Jack, my Packing Helpers!

Before we knew it, it was lunchtime and then
the boys and their mom were off to the pool.

I know I will have to get serious about packing soon,
but I'm glad we just had fun laughing and visiting.
It was cool enough this morning to sit on the front porch
and visit with Erin, sipping coffee that Sara got us on her way
to check out her new classroom.

More about that on another post.

And maybe a few pirate photos
of a 3-year old little girl.

Stay tuned!


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Denise said...

I stopped by your blog this morning; I was drawn to the title! :) (I am "Nana" to two precious grandsons!) What a delightful post; sounds like you had a day of blessings, although maybe not too productive...ha!
Blessings on your adventure! :)