Friday, September 9, 2011

See you in Sept., Oct., or November???

So, the house is looking very messy, full of boxes and STUFF, and it is time for me to
pull the plug on the fun stuff like blogging and Pinterest and facebook until we get settled
 into our new house at the end of November, or maybe sooner while we live with Erin and her
family in the interum. In fact, I'm not a big facebooker, and  I was going to
stop facebook, when on that very day, 1 dear person
from my past and 1 dear niece friended me, and I just had to connect with them!
But I cannot justify taking time to do any of this for now.

(just a couple of spots of cardboard land)

I hope to read blogs while at Erin's, but they have lousy internet service, so it may be
just a chance to read your blogs and see how you all are.

But I may not be able to get many posts in...

Well, maybe a few new house photos and pics of the JEMS.

Well, ahem, we'll see what happens.

Facebook, it is so long, good bye until we
get into our house, because where Erin and Co. live,
facebook isn't allowed, due to the kids that are treated there.

Anyway, we are moving NEXT WEEKEND (Sept. 17-18) 
and part of' the following week, and I have lots to do.
My family and a few friends will be coming to help
 pack and clean and lift and
whatever else needs to be done.
And that means prying my fingers away fron the keyboard,
except for email - I"ll  keep checking that.

 And, oh, yes, we are also getting a new roof put on our "now" house... our cottage is getting it's roof put on!

I am sure grateful God is in control of all things!

So, for now, as the song in my head says:

I'll be alone each and every night
While you're away, don't forget to write
Bye-bye, so long, farewell
Bye-bye, so long
See you in September...

In case the song is going through your head, you can hear it here:


LDH said...

Hoping all goes well with your move! Looking forward to hearing from you again when you are all settled! Best wishes!


Kit said...

Oh I am thrilled to see your cottage. I will wait and look forward to seeing pics and hearing all about your new home. Take care friend. Kit

Jana said...

Wow! You have such exciting stuff going on. LOVED the pictures and my heart is rejoicing with you as you begin your new journey in life. Blessings to you,
Jana (Nama's Notes)

Zuzu said...

Such a busy and exciting time! Take good care & we'll see you when we see you.
Big hugs,

Rhonda said...

Just discovered you hope you will be back on is late September have a new followerrrrrrr ... Me !
Stop by and say hello when you get back on ...btw ...I had to stop Facebook also ...