Monday, October 10, 2011

A Time to Rest and Regroup

We are moved into our temporary quarters at our daughter Erin's house,
enjoying the rest from all of the hoopla of packing and storing and saying goodbye to our house.
I'll post a few photos of our former home someday; I'm not equipped to download photos
today, as I am on daughter Sara's computer, taking care of Maya.

They live only a couple of blocks from our being-built cottage, so Maya and I 
walked over to see it today; again, cannot download photos, but it is coming along
nicely.  We peeked inside a window and we could see the progress that is being done,
and I must say, it is starting to fell like home,

a little...


I must admit...

I am feeling a little 
misplaced these days,
but it has given me a chance to regroup
and be thankful for our lives together.

Living with our 2 adorable grandsons, Jack and Eli,
and their parents, is a huge blessing,
and we are very thankful that they are willing
to put up with us and our GR Lucy.

Taking care of Maya is also a blessing,
and it also gives me a chance to be in the neighborhood
of our future.

I am also very thankful that Lauren
is finished with the grueling work of getting
our old house ready to sell, as he worked so very
hard this summer. Fall is truly our season of thankfulness,
especially since we hope to be in the new house by Thanksgiving.

Erin and Sara have both decorated their homes for fall,
my favorite season,

and it has been quite pleasant outside,
with temps in the 60s, making it ideal for walks collecting
leaves and other fall pretties, and soon we will take a trip
to our favorite pumpkin patch,
so even though I am feeling a little displaced,
God, in His goodness, continues to provide for us,
and He blesses us with the changes of the seasons
just as He blesses us with this season of change in our lives.

So while I may be posting on a borrowed computer,
living in a temporary home,
and using photos from Pinterest,
I am enjoying this season and all that God
is blessing us with,
and I hope you are, too!


LDH said...

How exciting to know your new home is coming along. Spending time with your kids and grandkids right in your new neighborhood is really special.

Thank you for sharing all the thankful moments in your life and reminding me to appreciate my thankful moments too!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you, Laurie! It really is coming together beautifully for you! How I wish my little granddaughters lived near by! :)
Big hugs,

Kit said...

You sound wonderful! And I am glad you are enjoying your Fall. Before long you will be in your new home and will have a lovely time decorating it for the seasons. Hugs, Kit

Maxine said...

Laurie, it sounds like you are in a good season of life right now. It was so pleasant reading about all that is happening and I'm so happy for you. There is nothing so wonderful as being with family and enjoying each other as you seem to be. God bless, dear friend. We'll keep in touch as time and our lives allow.

Keep us updated on your coming new home.

Debbie said...

Laurie, I know what it's like living in a temporary home. But it certainly puts things into perspective. I loved your post even though you used a borrowed computer and photos from Pinterest. Btw, I love Pinterest!

Blessings and love,