Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Flowers & Herbs Wish List

I have a few favorites on my flowers & herbs wish list for our new place,
so I made a collage of a few of them...

1. Lavender  2. Pansies  3. Sarah Bernhardt Peonies
4. Lady's Mantle  5. Lilacs  6. Lamb's Ears

The pansies are in a basket on our front porch, and the rest are still "wishes".
Elements such as shade, sun, and space will determine what plants will make
the list and where they will go, but these are my favorites.
With the last frost date in Montana usually around May 15,
it won't be long before I make a trip to the local nurseries
and add several more favorites to my list, such as

oh, the list is endless!

(The photos of the pansies and lilacs are mine.
The other photos are from my Cottage Flowers and Herbs board on Pinterest.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh Laurie, my wishlist looks very much the same. I am going to try planting herbs in a large concrete basket this year - thinking that if I cover them at night the bunnies won't get into them. Probably wishful thinking, but certainly worth a try! :)
I tried growing foxglove, but they didn't survive the winter. In fact, I have a feeling that most everything from a nursery would have to be treated as an annual up here... sigh.
I have been researching roses ~ and apparently the Old World roses might make it up here. I'd love to find out!
Have fun choosing your flowers, and have a wonderful Mother's Day, my friend!