Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Birthday Afternoon

We celebrated Lauren's May 28th birthday this past Sunday, and we all got together
at Erin and John's house for an afternoon of food and fun. Here are a few photos of the day.

Lauren and Jack with pound cake and berries, complete with a candle...

the fort that John built, promising many summer days of fun...

(Maya and Eli are happy to have swings again, after we took ours down when we moved.)

a hammock to swing and laugh in...

lambs and horses to feed...

and Grandpa teaching Maya how to make a blade of grass whistle.

It was such a joy to spend this time together to celebrate Lauren's birthday,
and our time together will be a wonderful spring memory for years to come.
God has blessed me with a husband who loves his Lord and his family,
and we are all blessed to have him as our husband and father.

Thank you, Father, for my dear husband, and
Happy Birthday to you,

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine...
Song of Songs 6:3

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Kit said...

What great photos! So glad to see your celebrations. I hope life in your new home is going great. Still cloudy and rainy over here in the west. But everything is so green! Kit