Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Me-and-Lucy Day

It’s just me and Lucy today.
Yesterday, my sweet little Ben was here, and he and Lucy, our golden retriever,
 kept on eye on each other, Lucy wanting to shower Ben with doggy kisses
Ben wanting to touch her ears and grab her toys.
There have been lots of wonderful days with our grandchildren lately,
and I bask in those days.
But today, it’s just me and Lucy, and I am also basking in this day.
Today, there may be laundry to do, (I am woefully behind…was that the washer bell??)
The ever-present tasks of dishes, cleaning and everyday tasks still call to me,
but for a moment in this quiet morning,
Lucy and I played her version of fetch outside (aka keep-awa
and I spoiled her with a treat in her Kong,
after which she settled down for a morning nap.

There is something about a day with Lucy that shows me how to take life as it comes.

Lucy teaches me to:
trust that I will be provided for,
keep my eyes on the ball,
take a nap as needed,
be ever-watchful for the opportunity to give and receive love,
and find joy in the simple things.
 In the quiet of the house,
with the soft scent of  a fall candle and a cup of tea,
I sit with the Word of the One who loves me and you.
As I sit here thinking over God’s incredible love,
I am filled with the sense of knowing that my life’s cup is full,
and that is more than enough for me.

Thanks, Lucy, for reminding me.
Thanks, Lord, for loving me.


Zuzu said...

Hi Laurie,
Wonderful post. Hubby and I had a very similar conversation this morning.
I also read an article this morning that you might enjoy about grandmothers...
Wishing you a wonderful day, enjoying the little things - which actually are... the big things.

Laurie said...

i checked out the grandmothers link you sent, Zuzu - I love it, of course!