Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Billy Graham on Life, Marriage, and Freedom

Thank you, Billy Graham, for your everfaithful adherence to the truth.
Throughout your ministry, you've shared the love of God to all who would listen,
and you seldom, if ever, strayed into politics.
But sometimes there is a need to speak out, and that time is now.
Recently, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association took out the following ad
in the Wall Street Journal, and it testifies to your strong beliefs
in marriage, life, and our religious freedom.
This issues are crucial.
Thank you, Billy Graham, for pointing Christians back towards God's truths.
May you continue to do so even with your 94th birthday near.


Lorraine said...

I saw this somewhere and was impressed as well. Such a noble man that has never wavered on Truth.

marie said...

Billy Graham is such an inspiration...do you mind if I share this ad on my blog?