Friday, August 16, 2013

Born to Sing!

Our grandsons Jack and Eli have been hanging out with me this week, and
I have noticed one trait they both have - they burst out in song as they are playing.
I asked them where they hear these songs; does their mom play them on the radio?
They both informed me that they learn them from Erin as she sings around the house, which they say she does quite a lot.
Then, as if I should know this, Jack said,
"Nana, we were BORN to sing!"
I have been writing a few of the grands quotes on our chalkboard,
so it was Jack's turn with this one.
Ephesians 5:19-20 (54 kb)


Maxine said...

What a nice idea, Laurie==putting their quotes on a chalkboard! Love it! A friend of mine used to put them on slips of paper and put in a jar for the future. I had thought about stealing her idea but never got aroun to it. This reminds me!

Joy Full Wife said...

What cute boys! I do remember their Mommy having a beautiful voice!

Kit said...

This is wonderful! I love that you write their quotes down. And what a great way to spend the day, singing! Kit