Thursday, August 1, 2013

Concert Flash Mob in our Neighborhood!

The clouds were getting heavy and the threat of rain was imminent.
It was Tuesday night, and our neighborhood has free concerts each
Tuesday night and we didn't want to miss this one.
This one was special, because one of our own was performing.
His name is Chris Smith, and he is a singer/songwriter from here
and he lives in our neighborhood. *
So the concert was going, and on the third song, magic happened.
The children were already dancing, when from the crowd the adults came;
then two,
then several came from their seats and began to dance to Chris's song, "Tonight".
Our daughter Sara and her husband Mark joined them.
Mark is the guy who walks up near the beginning in a plaid shirt and sunglasses,
and Sara comes shortly after him in a black t-shirt and denim capris; she has blond hair.
So fun!
They had practiced several times in secret,
and my job was to watch Maya and Ben for them during practices.
Lauren was as surprised as the rest of the crowd because I didn't let him in on the secret!
Chris handled the surprise as any professional singer would, and the smile on his face was priceless. The concert was fantastic, and the rain held off until the first hour had passed, but after that it poured and we had to run for home.
It was the last concert for the summer.
What a wonderful ending to a perfect season of music!
The Soup Place will provide dinner options:

Chile Cheese burger with pepper jack cheese and mild green chiles, potato salad, coleslaw or chips -- $6
Pulled Pork on bun with coleslaw --$5
1/4 lb. All-beef hot dog with chips --$4
Cupcakes and popsicles will be available for dessert!

Pop, water, beer, and wine for purchase with alcohol proceeds benefiting Elysian School PTO.

Show starts at 6pm! Let's all give Chris good support tonight and encourage your family and friends to come out as well.
*Chris Smith (CR)  has released a full-length album called
Life in Between, (available on ITunes)  and his song This Way Home
was chosen as the promotional song
for HGTV's House Hunters International.
He is also the worship team coordinator for a local church where
Erin and her family go.


Joy Full Wife said...

What a fun video! I had to watch it a couple times to make sure I found the right Mark and Sara. :) Looked like a fun time!

Debbie Petras said...

What fun! I found myself smiling and laughing as I watched the people dance. Chris has a great sound and voice. I want to live in your neighborhood.

Blessings and love,

Kit said...

How great was that! Glad you are loving your new place! Enjoy the rest of your summer! Kit