Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Snowy Day with Lucy and a Squirrel

Just a little mosaic for Maya, Eli and Jack of Lucy playing in the snow! She chased a squirrel, but he got away and scolded Lucy from a tree. The game is on!


Maxine said...

Lucy is just like my dog, Frodo. He loves chasing squirrels better than anything else and will spend the longest time at the bottom of a tree looking up at the one that got away! I hope he never has success!

Laurie said...

Frodo sounds like Lucy's kind of friend! She will probably never have success at catching a squirrel, though, because she is quite a shy girl who is afraid of our neighbor's cat, so I think I am safe to say the squirrel-chasing is just for fun! It was good to hear from you, Maxine!