Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Scene

This old print hangs in our entry every winter. I don't remember how long we've had it or where I got it from, but its simplicity pleases me. It isn't worth much; there are a few small creases and smudges, but the pastoral scene with the old fencing and gates, bare trees and the farmer who seems to walk jauntily along even with his burden creates a soft and pleasant scene.

At first, I thought he was walking towards a barn, but a closer look shows 2 chimneys coming from the building's roof; yet, it doesn't look like a cottage or a cabin. The slanted roof on the right suggests a shed or barn. What do you think? A barn with a fireplace? Unlikely. An old cottage worn by time? There even appears to be a rickety fence of some sort around it.

I must confess, I do not really spend a lot of time looking at the building when I glance at this picture; I see the quietness of it all. It was mid afternoon when I took the picture of it, and the afternoon light casts an interesting shadow. I love the color of the sky, with its soft blue hue and yellow hint of sunset and, I hear the birds calling overhead. I see the texture of the dry grass sticking out of the snow, and I hear his footsteps as he trudges through the snow. It somehow warms me to see it, even though it depicts a chilly day. I wish I knew who created it, but most of all I just enjoy it.


Jessie said...

I think that it is an old Farm House, although I am not positive about that. I not not remember this picture at all. The things that you do not pay attention to even over all the years that I have spent at your house. Those rolls look absolutely divine and the lazy lasagna sounds delicious.

cheryl said...

could it possibly be an old smoke house? it could be fun to see what others think. hope you are feeling well laurie. I have'nt talked to you for awhile.

Mary said...

Oh, it is so beautiful, Laurie! My guess would be a house because of the two chimneys... whatever it is the scene is so peaceful. :)