Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter with the JEMs

We celebrated Easter with our daughter Sara, son-in-law Mark and granddaughter Maya. Our other daughter, Erin, son-in-law John, and our grandsons Jack and Eli were in Minneapolis, but we did get a few fun photos from them.

I made this apron for Maya, as she loves to help cook.
She helped me scrub potatoes for our Easter dinner!

Maya helped her Momma and Daddy make Penia bread, which is a sweet bread that originated in rural Italy and is made during the Easter holiday. (Ingredients include sugar, butter, eggs, anise seeds and lemons.) Mark's family makes it every Easter, and this was the first time we've had it. It was delicious!

Here are Jack and Eli in a Brother Hug.
Even though they live far away, they are always near to us in our hearts.

I just had to add this photo of some beautiful hyacinths I bought for Easter,
sitting on my favorite chair that has it's old paint color of almost robin's egg blue.
They smelled wonderful!


Karen said...

Great photos of some wonderful memories....

E. Charlotte said...

Those are great photos! Everyone looks so happy. :)

Debbie said...

Laurie, what lovely family photos! That Italian bread sounds yummy too. I also love that older chair with the gorgeous hyacinth!

I appreciate your comment on my last post for Heart Choices. Believe me, I struggle with giving over my loved ones and not taking them back. :)

Blessings and love,

Kit said...

Such a great looking family! And such a pretty apron for your grandaughter, I bet she will cherish it always.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

HI Maya!!!
Sorry, I don't mean to play favorites, but she's sorta one of my BFF's, ya know? :-)

Oh, and I love that dreamy blue chair, that is SO my color!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Maxine said...

Laurie, Looks like your Easter was as blessed as mine! What cute grandchildren!! Aren't they the best? Nice you could make that little apron. My mom used to do that for my daughter.