Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!

I spent 12 days in Minneapolis helping Erin and her family pack and clean for their move back to MT, and one morning, Erin, Eli and I took the morning off and went to our favorite children's bookstore "Wild Rumpus". I thought I'd share a few snapshots of our time there.

From the outside, it is obvious that this is a fun place; just look at that door!

The playful color and the fact that it is two doors;
one for little readers and one for big readers (grownups),
tells us we are in for a good time!

Once inside, your senses are awakened BIG TIME!
There are hundreds of books, cards, and games.
This photo shows several colorful bookbags hanging on a clothesline.

But the real fun begins as you come across the store residents!
This is the kitty that has to be the sweetest, most patient cat in the world!

There is Mo the Dove (and apparently a friend or sibling)...

...and yes, this is a live chicken sitting as if on her throne,
(and I know what you are thinking, but, no, I have never seen any droppings)...

...and then, near the counter, there is Harry, the resident tarantula!

There were a few more critters tucked in here and there that I did not get a picture of, as well as a hole in the floor that was covered with plexiglass so that we could peek at what lives below. I didn't see anything this time, but I think they were gerbils.

We paid for our purchases and then it was time to go...

...our last visit to Wild Rumpus for a while...
(Eli wears his boots rain or shine!)

...with happy memories and a book in tow.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a fun outing! That store looks just wonderful. It's so neat that you all took the time off to go enjoy that while you were there. Thanks for sharing with us. It makes me want to go visit that store!:)

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

You know what, that enchanting little store looks just like the one in "You've Got Mail"!

What a delightful little shop.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Karen said...

What a neat looking place!