Friday, June 11, 2010

A Bouquet for You

Flowers for You on a Rainy Day

(a peony bouquet on a vintage peony tray)

The white pitcher holds a few of my favorite peonies blossoms, as well as lady's mantle, lamb's ears and a few hosta leaves. I got the tray last year on etsy, one of my favorite places to shop!

It is a cool, rainy day, perfect for getting caught up on a book I am reading and indulging in a little laziness. I have been a little overextended lately; actually, for about a month or more, so today is a day off. But I wanted to apologize for not answering some of your comments or even getting to your blogs to read your latest.  I so enjoy connecting with my blog friends and family, and I do hope you have a wonderful weekend, soaking up some sun or enjoying the rains that nurture our flower and vegetable gardens. Perhaps a little rest is in your plans?


Jessie said...

Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog. Also for the verse, I needed that one today. I need to stop by one of these Sundays and say hi.

Karen said...

How lovely! Enjoy your reading time and have a restful day....

Mary Lou said...

Thanks for the flowers ad blessings. Same to you.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

That is SUCH a beautiful image!

Never apologize for living your life, blogging comes after family and other responsibilities!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Maxine said...

That is so absolutely lovely, Laurie, and I Love the verse! Thank you so much. You are such a blessing.