Saturday, June 12, 2010

Simple Joys Saturday ~ Contentment II

Yesterday I did a quick post on my need for rest and "gave" a bouquet to my bloggy friends. So for Simple Joys Saturday, I ask you to hop to A Bouquet For You  to see your gift from my garden.

My need for rest comes from being overextended, as I said, but this busyness is actually a joy for me, for my time this week involved being with my mom, who is visiting us this month, and being with my grandchildren, who always fill my heart with joy!

A big joy is that my husband and grandson Jack are at a fishing derby for kids today, the second one they have gone to, and I am so thankful that the Lord made it possible after bringing our daughter Erin and her family back here to live after being in MN for 4 years.

Mom and I also got to spend Thursday afternoon with my granddaughter Maya, who was full of energy and fun, "reading" us books and telling us all about her day.

I wish I had taken pictures this week of the JEMs (the grands), especially yesterday when Jack, age 6, brought over a soccer trophy he was awarded after a week of soccer training. He has never played before, and he had such fun each morning. What a joy to have him show me his soccer moves! Now he and little brother Eli will have a ball playing soccer in their backyard this summer.

We have also received much-needed rain this week - thank you, Lord!

I think I can sum up this Simple Joy Saturday as being content in the life God has given me, knowing He provides all I need, the simpler the better!

Please join Jan for Simple Joy Saturday!


Maxine said...

Amen, Laurie. These are indeed simple joys, but they are joys of the best kind. I am so thankful for the Lord's blessings of grandchildren and can see you are too. It is only the Lord who could have brought your family all together as He has.

Karen said...

Sweet post...the simple things in life often turn out to be the greatest things....

Jan said...

Thank you Laurie, for sharing your wonderful week, it is a delight to read... I would be bursting with joy too.
Love and Blessings - Jan

Joan said...

Nice post, Laurie. I love your thoughts - "God provides all I need, the simpler the better."

Blessings and joy,