Monday, August 30, 2010

Where do I blog?

I am SO glad that I heard about this blog party when my blogging spot was somewhat neat - much neater then it sometimes is! Even though we have 2 spare bedrooms, they are upstairs, and I prefer to be on the main floor. My blogging corner is behind our sofa in our living room, on a sofa table.

 I love having pictures of my family on the walls nearby, along with...

...Lucy laying on her dog bed, keeping me company!

This table works quite well for using the computer while watching tv, talking with
my husband as he relaxes in his old-and-needs-to-be-replaced recliner,
looking out the window as people walk by our house, and, well, eating...

Yep, this is pretty common, except I had to use a "cookie model" as I had already
eaten the one that was there just before I read about this blog party!

I love this mouse pad that is actually a memo mousepad with paper
to jot things down.. It is from Galison; lots of fun stuff there!

I'm also glad this area was as neat as it gets, because it
often looks like a paper bomb went off.
Especially if the JEMS (grandkids) are here..
They love Nana's computer spot, especially since they can reach the printer:
You get the idea.

So, that's it! Now it's YOUR turn! Where do YOU blog??
There are lots and lots of blog nooks just waiting to show you their stuff!
Come see at Centsational Girl!

1 comment:

LDH said...

Oh, this is a perfect spot! Since I am in the living room and the TV is in the family room, I just listen from a distance.

I like the cookie model. I thought about adding a photo of the crumbs on my desk but thought I had already revealed more than enough yuck.

:) Kindly, ldh