Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent Calendars

I have been seeing a few advent calendars on blogs and in magazines and catalogs,
and even though I am a little late, here are a few favorites...

Gingerbread cookies serve as the dates!

I  love the whimsy this was has!

Perhaps I still have a few old number flashcards left from teaching!

pretty with lace

(source, via tumbler)

This one...

Bucket & Branch Advent Calender

and this...

Burlap Sack Advent Calender

are from Potterybarn.

This last one caught my eye on the PB website, but the cost was a bit much,
so I intended to make my own. I sent away for a few small canvas bags and they arrived, but
the snowy roads have kept me from getting to a fabric store for the backing. I have
a stencil for the numbers but also need to buy fabric paint.
 Maybe this will make a great project to make ahead for next year!
In the meantime, I could hang the bags from ribbon...

How about you? Do you use an Advent calendar to countdown the days until Christmas?

The Angel's Song
by William Drummond of Hawthornden (1585-1649)

Run, shepherds, run where Bethlehem blest appears.
We bring the best of news; be not dismayed:
A Saviour there is born more old than years,
Amidst heaven's rolling height this earth who stayed.
In a poor cottage inned, a virgin maid,
A weakling did him bear, who all upbears;
There is he poorly swaddled, in manger laid,
To whom too narrow swaddlings are our spheres:
Run, shepherds, run, and solemnize his birth.

This is that night — no, day, grown great with bliss,
In which the power of Satan broken is:
In heaven be glory, peace unto the earth!
Thus singing, through the air the angels swarm,
And cope of stars re-echo├Ęd the same.

Or say, if this new Birth of ours
Sleeps, laid within some ark of flowers,
Spangled with dew-light; thou canst clear
All doubts, and manifest the where.

Declare to us, bright star, if we shall seek
Him in the morning's blushing cheek,
Or search the beds of spices through,
To find him out?

Star. — No, this ye need not do;
But only come and see Him rest,
A princely babe, in's mother's breast.


Kit said...

Hi Laurie! Yes, we do an advent calendar. I bought the cutest music box with a christmas tree and ornaments from Avon so many many years ago. The girls loved it and each year I buy them a chocolate candy calendar for them to continue the tradition. Have a wonderful weekend! Kit

Zuzu said...

These are all such great ideas! I have never had an advent calender before. I love this one that Suzan made (Old Grey Mare):

and think I'd like to try making one like it next year.

Wishing you a lovely weekend, Laurie!
~ Zuzu