Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome, December!

(my photo)

An old wool sweater that belonged to my mom,
and old skates that belong to Lauren.
A couple of items we always decorate with at Christmas.
The skates will go on the front porch and hold
a sprig or 2 of greenery and candy canes.
It is such comfort to continue a few of the little traditions
we have done year after year. As the days pass, I will
be adding a few more decoration traditions.

What are some of yours?


Zuzu said...

Such lovely traditions, Laurie! I have some very sweet decorations that were passed down to me from family and I always enjoy setting those out every year. And then there are the recipes that we have also made year after year that were passed down - it wouldn't be Christmas without those!
Hope all is happy and cozy at your house!

LDH said...

Most precious and treasured items to decorate for Christmas with!