Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Maya!

Our sweet granddaughter, Maya, turned 3 years old in April,
and the only thing she wanted was a chocolate cake with blueberries.
I am so proud of her - not toys or new clothes or candy,

A child of a child of mine, for sure!

Not to worry, though, she did receive toys and clothes,
and no matter what the item was, she received each one with
great joy and glee. One special gift was an amazing dollhouse found
by her dad last summer and stored in hiding at our house.
Mommy and Daddy scored big on that one.

Thank you, Jesus, for this precious granddaughter,
Maya Christine Kane,
who has the tender heart of a caregiver
and plenty of hugs to share with all who ask.
Her name, Maya, means "nurturing mother",
and You have given her a heart that loves others.
She loves to sing and dance and to be outdoors,
swinging and singing and loving the sunshine.
Perhaps because her Mommy and Nana have sung
"You Are My Sunshine" to her since she was a newborn baby.

Maya is truly our sunshine, Lord; thank you so much for giving her life!

This song's for you, Maya!

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LDH said...

Happy Birthday wishes to a very sweet little one!