Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rain, rain, go away...

We have had an abundance of rain in Montana, in fact, in eastern MT where we live, we have had just in May 8.79 inches of rain, and normal rainfall is 2 inches. It has been raining or cloudy most of April and May, and as I write I am wearing jeans and sweater over a t-shirt - no capris these days! Normally, we would be thankful for spring rain, as we do not get much rain after June and things really dry up. But this year, flooding is a big problem.

While our small town is not having a problem with flooding so far, many communities are. Here are a few photos...

This is Crow Agency, about 1 hour southeast from us - it is totally flooded...

and Interstate 90 is flooded there...

you can't get to the Little Big Horn Battlefield...

To the southwest of us, there is flooding in the town of Joliet,

and students are being held at the school for safety unless their parents can get them
without having to drive through flood waters.

Here is some flooding going on in Billings...

These photos are just a few of the flooding that is happening in eastern MT.

And it continues to rain.

We feel surrounded.

Yet, we remain safe and only have a wet basement, and
no flooding is occurring here. We are thankful, and we know our
prayers are what are needed.

Prayers for the people whose lives have been disrupted and homes destroyed,
as well as for the families of the 2 people who have died because of the flooding.
We pray for the many responders that are out in the rain trying to sandbag and help people
get to dry and safe ground, and for those who have provided shelter to those displaced.

The flooding may be widespread, but our God is bigger than
 any flood,
any tornado,
any volcano,
any tsunami,
any earthquake,
anything that seems to be out of control.

He is IN control,
He is sovereign,
and He is good.

So we will watch for the rainbow!

Genesis 9:16 (58 kb)


Maxine said...

Oh my, I didn't know you were having rains to such an extent. That is really amazing. Glad you are safe and sound. It's really unsettling how many weather related disasters are happening. Thank you for the reminder that the Lord is in control. I must confess that often I focus too much on the what and not the Who of all this.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please send us some of your rain. We are still getting snow here, but the forest could really use a lot more moisture.
Stay safe, Laurie.
~ Zuzu