Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lauren's Mom, Gert, has gone Home to Jesus

Lauren's mom, Gert, went to her heavenly home with Jesus yesterday, Sept. 22. Lauren was actually almost home when he found out, but he had quite a few good moments with her before she pretty much became unaware of her surroundings on Sunday. She was transferred closer to home on Monday and was heavily sedated to keep her comfortable. Lauren and I will drive to IA on Thursday and Friday, and the funeral is on Saturday. Sara will fly to MN to ride to IA with Erin so that she can get back to MT sooner than Lauren and I will be coming home. We would all appreciate your prayers for Lauren's family, for our travels and for my health to stand up to the travel. I got the ok from the surgeon to travel on Monday, and I am doing better each day, it seems. Most noticeably, I continue to have double vision from my eyes wanting to cross slightly, I found out from the eye doctor yesterday, so I will have to get new glasses when we get home (bye-bye contacts).

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Jessie said...

I so sorry for your loss, but what joy to know that she is with our Lord and in no more pain. I will be praying for your travels and your health Laurie. P.S. Thank you for the thanks you card.