Friday, September 4, 2009

On the that a word?

Since I was on the mend and then had a downturn, I think upmend is a good word, and I am feeling better today and the fevers seemed to be done. I saw our family doctor yesterday and he had blood tests done that turned out fine as far as any infection. He was cautiously hopeful that I do not have an infection, although the fevers bothered him, but I do think things are looking better. I was concerned about swelling in my neck, and he checked and said there is some swelling and fluid there, but that is not uncommon with surgery in the head area. It didn't show up until early this week, either, so apparently going off the steroids has quite a few unlikeable symptoms. Now I hope to get some of my energy back and take things slow and easy.

(Jack's grandparents - Spoiler Warning - if you haven't talked with Jack yourself and want this first hand, do not read the following!! :) )
It is so hard for me to believe, but Jack started Kindergarten today! I chatted with him yesterday and he was quite excited about it all, and Erin said this morning that he got up at 6:00 all excited to go! He told me he has a camo backpack and that his locker is #10. I asked him what he liked when he went to the orientation and he was most pumped about the table with the power tools on it - I sure hope he gets to play with those today! It really is a big day for parents; I remember Lauren had to take the girls because I was teaching kindergarten myself, which is just as well because I would've cried too much. When we visited the Dailey's last month, I gave Jack a few books about going to Kindergarten, and we read them together each night. He had lots of good questions and even asked me what my room looked like and what we did, so when Erin came after surgery I sent a few photos home with her so he could see Nana's K classroom, quite a long time ago! I'm sure Grandmama MaryBeth, John's mom, has told him a lot about going to school, too, as she is also a teacher! He is surrounded by teachers; Erin has a degree, their friend Tiffany taught K for a few years, Mark and Sara are now going back to school to get teaching credentials, my sister Karilyn taught for several years and Bruce is in education, my niece Andrea is a teacher and my Aunt Sandy was a longtime teacher. Wow, if I forgot anyone I apologize, but we do have a lot of teachers in the family!

Erin just sent pics, so here are 2 of Jack on his big day, and 1 of Eli with his own version of a pacifier, a toy piece, I believe!! His mysteriously has disappeared!

I didn't get a pic of Maya smelling the roses, but here are a couple of her in July tending some of Nana's flowers:

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