Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nurses from Heaven Part 1

So, I had promised I would write about the nurses I had in ICU, so I am finally getting around to that. I went into ICU following surgery, and my nurse that night was sent straight from Heaven. Her name is Julie, and after we spent a little time together, we discovered we are both Christians. Julie calls everyone endearing names such as Sweetie, Hon, and Beautiful, and I particularly got a giggle out of Beautiful, because my hair couldn't be washed for 48 hours and I had dried-blood ringlets on the back of my head! She has a very gentle nature and I was her only patient for awhile, as each nurse usually has only 2 patients at a time, since it is ICU. I was having trouble sleeping, and sometime after midnight when she came in to give me meds, she took my hand and prayed for me to be able to sleep. And God brought me some much-needed sleep. Julie is most certainly a nurse who practices the gifts God has given her in everyway possible, and I so appreciated her. She is the kind of person you like as soon as you meet her, and I will always remember her kindness and gentle care.

A couple of hours later, I heard a lot of commotion, and it was clear that a very serious case had come in, and this person became Julie's second patient. I never knew who the patient was or what the situation was, but I did hear about the helicopter flying in from Bozeman, 2 hours away, and I suspect it was a young girl or young woman, as I heard a girl cry out. I knew then that it was my turn to pray, for the patient, her family, the doctor treating her and for Julie, who became very busy with this patient. God had given me sleep and I was doing better, so now that a more serious case came in, I could go to Him in prayer. Julie's shift ended at 7:30 AM (no doubt she still had hours of paperwork to do), and then God sent me Virginia and Celeste, and I will tell you about these adorable women next time!

Health-wise, I think I am slowly getting better now that the headaches and fever are gone. My energy level is still very low, but I did manage to get in an old-dog walk this morning. What is that, you may ask?! Well, when our dog Molly and later Kiska got old, I would only be able to walk them a couple of blocks up and around our neighborhood, pass the Garnetts I wrote about earlier. That is what I did today, stopping and smelling Barb's roses again and then back home. My legs tend to hurt a lot and walking helps stretch them out. The back of my head still feels like a piece of plastic, but I somehow think that is preferred to a lot of pain. I do have some pain, but it varies and usually isn't too bad, and for that I am very grateful. We are having some much cooler weather this week compared to the heat of last week, and it feels wonderful to get outside and also to have the house opened up. The nights are in the upper 40s and low 50s, perfect sleeping weather!

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