Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Praise and Prayer

The headaches were better today, praise God, and I hope I am going to be done with them and not have to go back on the steroids. I talked with the surgeon's nurse today - he is out of town - and she was going to discuss it with his associates and try to get back to me tomorrow, but she, too, thought that if I could stand the headaches it would be better than going back on the meds. I have also had a slight fever on and off and achiness, so I have an appointment with our family doctor tomorrow to check and see if I may have an infection. The surgery area looks fine, but I would like him to check and see if there is infection somewhere. Lauren found out today from a coworker that having a fever coming off steroids isn't unusual. I am getting lots of rest and trying to eat well and drinking lots of water, so hopefully, I will turn a corner for the best soon. I do so appreciate all of your prayers. God is so good!

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