Friday, October 1, 2010

Hello, October

The calendar says it is October...the thermometer says it is August or
 early September, with temps in the 80s.

I was in the middle of complaining that it is going to be quite warm again today,
as I prefer crisp and cool fall days,
when I stopped...
did a U-turn...
and thanked God that our streets are not slippery from ice and snow,
that I am able to see the beauty of the fall leaves,
that I can hear the crunch of the leaves as someone walks by our house,
that  we had a great time on Sunday as our JEMS picked Jack-Be-Little Pumpkins from our garden,
that our windows are open to the breeze and sunshine,
that I see and hear the squirrels gathering nuts for winter right outside my window,
that it doesn't matter if there are weeds in the gardens anymore,

that October brings...
pumpkin bread,
apples for cider and pie,
cool nights,
the leaves true colors,
ducks and geese flying south...
you get the idea.

October is here, and I am so thankful, Lord!

We really did have a good time collecting the pumpkins; Maya is just trying not to smile!


please can October be like this. not hot and himid and gross


(last 3 photos from My Heart's Home and Garden)


Kit said...

Oh such a wonderful blog and the photos are marvelous. You have such a lovely family! We are still pretty warm over here in the west, and our trees are really starting to change now. Happy October from One Hottie to Another! :) Kit

partialemptynester said...

OH what a perfect post! I love it when fall slips in...unlike when winter blusters in, but a simple slipping in on ballerina tiptoes, leaves quietly falling down around...

Debbie said...

Laurie, have I told you I love your thankful heart? What great colorful photos! I love fall and all that's associated with it. But as you know, I live in Phoenix so it's still hot. However, today we had lots of rain! I was so excited but people didn't know how to drive in it here. I'm thankful for the rain and now I hope the temps will drop.

Love you,