Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dr. visit today

Lauren and I went to see the surgeon, Dr. Meyer, today for my post-op checkup, and he took the sutures out and said everything looks good. I feel better each day and I do not think I am having the pressure in my head I had before surgery. The back of my head is partially numb and tingly from surgery, and I have minor pain, but no headaches. We had to wait for 1 hour for the appointment, and my neck didn't hurt that whole time, so that is great news! Now that the sutures are out, I must be careful for the next week or so to keep pressure off of the back of my head, so I will still have to continue to sleep with a couple of pillows and on my side, which I do anyway. All in all, I am very encouraged at how things are going. I will return to the doctor in 1 month and have MRIs done in about 3 months. My prayers are that the syrinx in my spinal cord will have gotten smaller, and hopefully the symptoms lessening that were caused by it.

Please also pray that I will start to sleep sounder; I think the pain meds are interfering, making it seem as if I am awake most of the night, but I do have dreams so I know I am getting some sleep and I feel rested. Oh, one more prayer request: I will be off the steroids by Thursday, going through a weaning-off time since coming home from the hospital, so please pray that I do not get any rebound headaches. Dr. Meyer warned me that it could happen and that he would have to put me back on the steroids, but I haven't been having headaches even with cutting back each day on the dose, so I am hoping that all goes well. As I said, each day gets better and I feel stronger, and I have your prayers and God's grace and mercy to thank for that. We serve a great God and He is ever faithful!

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