Friday, August 14, 2009

Praise God

Good evening to family and friends,
The Doctor says surgery went well with no surprises. Surgery was nearly 3 hours. I was able to see her in the ICU a little after 12 noon. As the afternoon hours moved along, Laurie was more alert and seemed to be doing okay. I am thankful for everyone's prayers, kind thoughts and warm wishes. Laurie will be in ICU overnight and if things check out in the morning, she will be moved to a regular hospital room. The Doctor says she could maybe go home Monday or Tuesday. As I think about the details of the day, I am very thankful for God's hand in all the details. Each nursing and medical staff person working for Laurie were a perfect match! The volunteer staff hosting the surgery waiting room was kind - caring - and easy to visit with. The waiting rooms had coffee that was alright. I had a great parking spot (when you arrive by 5:45 there are many good choices). Thank you Steve for coming in the 8:00 hour to visit and pray. Thank you Julie for coming this afternoon. Our Lord is Awesome, Our Creator is indeed the One and Only Wise God!

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