Sunday, August 23, 2009

So thankful

My new normal is slow and easy, and I am grateful for each night that I sleep and each day that has less pain. The meds work well and the pain varies; it is the stiffness and numbness in my head that feels odd, but my neck is fine. I feel like I am wearing a tight cap on the back of my head, but I know this will pass. One thing that is very irritating is the stiff substance that was used with the electrodes attached to my head during surgery. I can't get it out of my hair, and it snags and pulls. I thought I was getting a small chunk a minute ago, and I did, along with a clump of hair, so that's not good! But I am so thankful that the surgery went as it should, and I know as time passes I will be able to tell what the results are.

I am so encouraged by the cards, visits, emails, calls and food, of course, that so many people have showered me (us) with. God is with me through you, and that is how I feel His presence now. His promises remain true and He uses His people to fulfill them. I have never felt alone nor have I felt sorry for doing this, because He gives me comfort and strength.

Erin, Sara and Lauren; thank you for being here always. Your love and help have been like a comforting shawl wrapped around me. Erin is back in Minneapolis now; thank you, John, for going it solo with the boys while she was here. Seeing the boys on the webcam is the best medicine - so is having Maya here. She keeps me smiling!

My sister, Karilyn, is headed to AZ today to get our mom, who is moving across the street from Karilyn and Bruce in Wisconsin. Please pray for my sister as she travels and for them both when they fly back to WI in a few days. Please pray for our mom, Doris, as she adjusts to her new, much cooler climate and new home that Karilyn and Bruce have prepared for her. Thanks to Gary and Chuck, our brothers, and their wives, as they helped collect a few things to make her house a home. What a relief it is to know she will be well taken care of now.

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